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About Us

Welcome to NEVO Electric Vehicles, a direct-to-consumer website where innovation meets excellence in the realm of neighborhood electric vehicles. Headquartered in the EV-friendly city of Tampa, FL, we are driven by a passion for engineering a unique blend of advanced technology and supreme quality in our electric golf carts and scooters.

Our Essence

NEVO is not just another golf cart and scooter company. We are a brand that embodies the highest quality and safety standards, ensuring that each ride you take is smooth, secure, and extraordinary.

Safety is at the forefront of our core values based on first-hand experiences from our founders. There is always inherent danger, even with low speed vehicles. But we go beyond safety requirements and regulations using extensive testing and research to ensure peace of mind.

At NEVO, research and development lie at the core of our innovation process, fueling our commitment to offer advanced yet affordable electric golf carts and scooters. We immerse ourselves in relentless research, exploring cutting-edge technologies and evolving market trends to ensure that our vehicles are furnished with the latest and most efficient features and battery technology.

Innovators at Heart

Our founders Chris Larsen (right) and Benjamin Gordon (left) carry a rich legacy of expertise and a successful track record in DTC eCommerce brands and service. With a wealth of experience under their belts, they have curated a brand that stands as a paragon of innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Passionate about community and family, they cherish spending quality time navigating through their neighborhoods and communities in the comfort of their NEVO golf carts. These aren’t just golf carts to them, but cherished companions facilitating joyous rides to the beach, hauling coolers to the marina, delightful visits to the playground, and convenient school drop-offs.

Lithium battery production

Technology That Powers

At NEVO, lithium battery technology is not just an added feature but a critical cornerstone that drives the excellence and innovation in our golf carts and scooters. Lithium batteries symbolize a remarkable leap in energy storage and efficiency, enabling our vehicles to uphold superior performance, increased longevity, and enhanced reliability. The integration of this technology ensures that our carts and scooters operate with a cleaner and more sustainable energy source, fostering an environmentally-responsible driving experience. These batteries facilitate a lightweight design without compromising on power, allowing for agile and efficient vehicles that meet the demands of modern mobility with ease. Lithium technology also plays a pivotal role in improving the driving range and reducing the charging times of our vehicles, ensuring that they are always ready to meet the needs of our customers' dynamic lifestyles.

Climate Controlled Assembly Room in Tampa, Florida

People First Philosophy

At NEVO, we believe that the backbone of our success lies in the happiness and well-being of our customers and team members (pictured is our climate controlled assembly room in Tampa, Florida.) Upholding a people-first philosophy, we are committed to fostering an environment where everyone is treated with utmost respect, kindness, and appreciation. Ensuring that our customers and team members feel valued and delighted is ingrained in our ethos.

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