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Specs & Features

Discover why NEVO leads the golf cart industry with superior specifications. NEVO golf carts offer enhanced battery life, advanced Curtis controllers for precise driving, and innovative design for maximum comfort and safety. Experience the future of mobility with NEVO’s cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions, outperforming competitors in every aspect. Choose NEVO for unmatched performance and reliability.

Premium Features Come Standard


Steel Chassis

Baosteel’s global presence and capacity for innovation bolster its standing in the steel market, making it one of the most respected steel producers worldwide.

The chassis from other golf cart brands are becoming thinner and thinner to reduce costs. According to them, they are enough for golf cars.

We believe the quality of Baosteel and industry ranking are indicative of a top-tier steel manufacturer, measuring tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness, impact toughness, microstructure, surface quality, and dimensional tolerances.

Our chassis and frame is powder-coated to protect from rust and wear.

Suspension & Brakes

The double wishbone design provides better camber control and allows for better handling characteristics. It is preferred in high-performance and luxury vehicles because it can be finely tuned for better dynamics.

High performance coilover shocks are used on all four wheels, independent front suspension and a rear torsion bar, for the smoothest ride you will ever experience on a golf cart.

Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes on our golf carts significantly enhance safety by providing more consistent, powerful, and reliable braking performance under various conditions. This system improves the control and stopping power of the golf cart, especially important in hilly terrains or when carrying heavy loads.


Curtis controllers significantly enhance electric golf carts by offering precise speed control, improved efficiency, and programmable features tailored to specific needs. These controllers not only optimize power usage for longer battery life but also include advanced safety features that prevent mechanical failures through diagnostic tools and safety checks.

Additionally, our Curtis controller supports regenerative braking, which recaptures energy during braking to extend the cart's range. Renowned for their durability and reliability, Curtis controllers are designed to withstand diverse weather conditions and the frequent starts and stops typical in golf cart usage, making them a superior choice for enhancing golf cart performance.


Our 72V 150Ah LiFePO4 battery with status screen offers numerous advantages, including high energy density and a long cycle life of over 2000 cycles, making it more durable and efficient compared to other types of lithium-ion batteries.

Known for its safety due to thermal stability and lower risk of combustion, it can deliver high discharge rates and fast charging, making it suitable for high-power applications.

It performs well across a wide temperature range, requires little maintenance, and is environmentally friendly, as it contains no toxic heavy metals. Additionally, it provides consistent power output and high round-trip efficiency, ideal for electric vehicles.

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